Construction Data Acquisition

Construction management using drones for 3D modelling, digital elevation modelling, and orthomosaic are now readily accessible to construction professionals who want to work smarter. The integration of 3D Construction Models Using Drone Technology into information management software suites like Autodesk, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Pix4D, and Dronedeploy will prove invaluable to leaders in construction.

Construction data acquisition using drones offers a significant advantage. It  brings an aerial perspective through point cloud and 3D mesh integration into the design and planning phase of project implementation.

It’s all about data!  For example, 3D Construction Models Via Drone Technology represent a timely snapshot allowing project managers not only a new perspective but also the option to integrate this data into existing software to view design changes in real time. It’s possible to keep track of project changes easily and safely with minimal site job site impact.

Aerial Imaging Data saves time and money by providing project managers with another tool to make credible, timely decisions.